Laure van Roey, Retreat Leader

Laure has been the owner of Studio Flowmotion since 2019, a beautiful studio offering pilates, yoga, and dance in a unique setting. Her love for sports, fitness, and discovering new activities is immense. She also enjoys organizing parties, open house events, and retreats in the Ardennes. Her dream is to organize retreats outside of Europe with her partner in crime, Julie. Together, they aspire to create transformative experiences worldwide. Studio Flowmotion is a thriving community where Laure's passion and dedication inspires others to embrace a healthy lifestyle and find joy in movement.

Julie Thissen, Retreat Leader

Julie, with years of expertise in creating unique teambuilding experiences, she ensures that you're in capable hands. She loves stand-up paddleboarding and uses it to create unforgettable experiences for groups. Her dedication and expertise in event planning and water sports enable her to create lasting memories and forge strong connections among participants.
Julie's infectious enthusiasm, organizational skills, and love for water and sports make her the perfect choice as a Leader of this retreat.

Juliawan, Surf Teacher

Meet Juliawan, local surfing legend and owner of Bali Salty Surfing School, for the ultimate wave adventure! 
His experienced team have been riding the Bali waves for over 15 years, and now they are here to make you a surfing rockstar too. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Juliawan's customized teaching approach ensures you'll catch the perfect wave every time. Plus, by supporting our local surf school, you're helping us continue our mission of preserving Bali's surf culture.